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What is Runescape Gold?

Runescape Gold is an ingame currency used to buy items from other players on Runescape. Runescape Gold appears as coins that stack inside the player’s inventory. The maximum amount of RS Gold you can store in your inventory is 2,147,483,647; which is referred to by players as max cash. Runescape Gold can be earned by training various skills, killing bosses, merchanting on the grand exchange, or by killing other players (PKing).

Where can I Buy RS Gold?

The two primary methods of buying RS Gold are through bonds and from other players. Runescape Bonds are an in-game item that can be purchased from Jagex for real life money. Once you purchase the Bond, you can sell it on the grand exchange for Runescape Gold. Purchasing Runescape gold through bonds is very expensive and slow.

The most popular way to buy RS Gold is through other players (RWT). Gold sites exist to help players buy and sell Runescape Gold. When choosing a Runescape Gold site you should consider the following factors:

1. Trust: Does the site have an established reputation?

2. Location: Is the site based in a trustworthy country like the United States or UK?

3. Delivery speed: Is the site online 24/7 with agents ready to deliver RS Gold?

4. Price: Does the site have their gold priced reasonably?

Should I trust people selling Cheap RS Gold?

The problem with trading directly with other players is that it is hard to know if they are trustworthy or not. That is why most players prefer to use established gold sites. Make sure the Runescape Gold site you purchase from has positive reviews on a third-party site like Trustpilot or Sythe. Reviews should only be trusted if they are posted on a third-party site, otherwise the website owner can easily edit or remove negative reviews.

The location the gold site is based in is also important. First world countries like the United States and the United Kingdom have laws in place to protect consumers. Businesses with bad trading practices risk civil or criminal prosecution. Countries like China do not have the same rules in place. For instance, the counterfeit industry in China is estimated to be worth $400b. Chinese gold sites are known to be involved in shady trading practices and have poor customer service and delivery speed. A good way to check where a gold site is based is by talking to an agent in the live chat before buying Runescape Gold. If the agent speaks with poor grammar and broken English it is a sign the website should not be trusted.

How do I Buy Runescape gold?

1. Create an account on your preferred Runescape Gold Site.

2. Enter the amount of Gold you want to buy.

3. Input your Runescape Username.

4. Pay for the gold with your preferred payment method.

5. Speak to a live chat agent to pick up your RS gold ingame.

What makes RSGold valuable?

RSGold is the centerpiece of the Runescape economy. Most items can be bought with Runescape Gold on the grand exchange or from other players. Levelling up your skills often times also requires you to spend RSGold. If you do not have enough gold to use the most efficient methods to train skills like Herblore or Prayer you are forced to waste many hours grinding the game. In other words, time is money and buying RS gold saves you time. It is estimated by Jagex that over 50% of players on Runescape buy gold. It simply takes way too much time to max out your account if you have to earn all of the gold yourself.

Cheap Runescape Gold For Sale

When comparing Runescape Gold sites it is important to consider who has the cheapest Runescape Gold price. Some sites will try to rip-off unaware buyers by overpricing the Runescape Gold they have for sale. While finding a good rate is important, sometimes a deal can be too good to be true. Is it really worth waiting two days to receive your gold, just to save a few cents? Or worse – what if they do not deliver the gold at all? Price and reliable should both be considered when choosing a site to buy from. We try to give buyers the best of both worlds. Affordable RS Gold prices and industry leading delivery times and customer service. PieGP isn’t just another gold site. We are the gold standard.

Check out our other services

Already have a lot of OSRS Gold and want to exchange it for RS3 Gold? Head on over to our Runescape Gold Swapping page. We enable players to instantly transfer their RS gold across servers. The process is simple. Our agent will meet you in a secure location and accept the gold from you on the server you don’t want to play on anymore and then trade you gold on the other server.

We also rent max mains to players that want to stake on OSRS. You can pay either hourly or every half hour. This is a great way for players without max melee stats to be able to stake with fair odds. The accounts come with a tentacle whip and DDS preloaded so you can jump right into action.

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