Buy Runescape Gold with Bitcoin

You can buy Runescape gold with bitcoin at Bitcoin is an extremely popular virtual currency. BTC (bitcoin) payments have 0 fees and are very fast. Bitcoin is our recommended payment method for bulk RS gold orders. Buying bitcoin is quick and easy just follow the steps below!

Step 1: Buying Bitcoin

There are different options available for purchasing bitcoin depending on what country you are from. Listed below are websites you can use to purchase the bitcoins.

United States: - Buy bitcoins instantly with credit card/debit card/bank account. No fees, wait time, or Photo ID required. (Takes 5 minutes total to register and buy bitcoin here.) - Link your bank account and buy bitcoins with ease. - Don’t have a bank account or credit card? No problem. Just enter your zip code and pay with cash for bitcoins at your local retailer.

Europe: - Buy bitcoins with same day SEPA transfers. How to deposit - Coinbase accepts Euro deposits with SEPA and credit card payments. - Bitstamp also accepts SEPA, but I recommend the above options.

Australia: - #1 Bitcoin exchange in Australia


Localbitcoins - Supports every country and payment method

Step 2: Ordering Runescape Gold

Open the page of the type of RS gold that you want to buy. We have Old School Runescape gold, RS3 gold, and DMM gold. You can click on one of those links to direct yourself to the correct page. After navigating to the page for the type of Runescape gold that you want to buy enter the amount of gold you want to buy, change the payment method to “Bitcoin”, and enter your RSN.

Step 3: Paying with Bitcoin

Send the correct amount of Bitcoin to the address listed on the order confirmation page.

You can figure out the amount of bitcoin to send using google’s USD to BTC conversion tool. Simply search “BTC to USD” and enter the amount of USD you are supposed to send. It will tell you the BTC amount that is equivalent.

Step 4: Contact Live Support to pick up your Runescape Gold

Click on the Live Chat button at the bottom right of the screen. After that a support agent will give you the location to meet and trade you the Runescape gold.

That’s all there is to it! We do not have lengthy wait times or account registrations processes like other RS gold sites. Try it out for yourself and see why PieGP is the #1 Runescape Gold site.

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